Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So today we had a “soft launch” for, which essentially means that we put a banner on the homepage and sent out an e-mail to our newsletter subscribers. Hopefully that will generate some new users and those users will generate some new content.

It appears that ninjas still have the edge on pirates, but only by a single vote. The discussion has been heating up, and has made for an interesting diversion from wrestling with all the little problems that have arisen since we started using the site. If you have an opinion and haven’t voiced it yet, now’s the time.

You may have noticed on Monday afternoon that the community site became unavailable, or that all the pictures disappeared. This was caused by some problems that our hard-working friends at McClatchy Interactive had when trying to move the site over to its official and final home. They got it fixed by Tuesday afternoon though, so no lasting harm was done.

In a classic display of great timing, our community evangelist, Kim, has gone in for surgery and will be out for at least the next week. Sally will be taking on her community site duties in her absence.

Last night I set up a private messaging system on the community site which allows users to send messages to one another. It works kind of like email, except you have to be signed into the site in order to use it. So, if you need to report any problems with the site, you can click here or you can visit my profile on the site and click the “Send a private message to Danny” link. Otherwise, you can still reach us via the “contact us” link.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the site, and even bigger thanks to those who have given feedback.


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