Monday, February 25, 2008

I noticed one of our regular web commenters has been asking why some stories allow comments, but others don't. The person seems upset that a seemingly non-comment-worthy item - such as a photo - gets a comment section, while a breaking news-type item doesn't.

Here's your answer:

Any story that gets published from the print edition (which shows up in the "Today's Headlines" section of the site) automatically gets a comment section. There's no extra step required by a human. That means all stories, not matter how innocuous, have that nice box at the bottom where you can post away.

But items we post manually throughout the day and night in the "Latest from the newsroom" section at the top of the homepage doesn't have that nice feature. After someone here at The Tribune posts a story to that section, they have to go in and manually add a comment section. It's an easy, three-step process, but sometimes the person posting may forget. On weekends and nights, several people in the newsroom are responsible for posting to that section. Because it's not their usual duty, it sometimes gets overlooked. I'll try and remind everyone to take those extra steps so commenting is allowed on all stories.

Our policy as of last year is that all stories should have a comment section. So if you notice a story doesn't have one, it was likely just overlooked by the person who posted the story. If I see it, I'll try to go in and add a comment section later.

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